Knitted Merino Wool Beanie

  • Six new colors in our onlineshop (see last photo)!


    This smooth classic beanie is made from 100 % Merino wool. Merino wool is gathered from the Merino sheep and is known for its extreme thinness and softness, much finer than normal sheep wool. It perfectly insulates, is breathable, and odor-resistant . If you are sensitive to wool, Merino wool is the perfect choice: the Merino fibre is so fine it doesn't cause any itching.


    Also available in a short version (black and navy only) which is 5 cm shorter in total length compared to the regular version.


    Made by a traditional Northern Germany knitting company.


    Colors: black - navy - anthracite - red - grey - wool white

    100 % merino wool

    Made in Germany