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Besides modern vintage fashion CHROME STORE stocks current collections and second season pieces by local high end designers. Our focus is on Berlin designers, so most of our designers are based in Berlin and the majority of them also creates here.  All of our designers manufacture their collections in the European Union.

We currently stock the following brands:
Use the link after the designer's name to shop those designer's articles directly in our online store.

(Please note that the variety of articles in our store in Lenaustr. 10 in Berlin-Neukölln is much bigger than in our online store)

XENIA BOUS (jewellery)   [shop now]

JOHANNA GAUDER (fine jewellery)    [shop now]

ANNE MANNS (jewellery)   [shop now]

MARY&YVES (jewellery)   [shop now]

POTI POTI BERLIN (jewellery)

HIEN LE (womens- & menswear)   [shop now]

GOETZE (menswear)   [shop now]

FRISUR (womens- & menswear)

JULIAN ZIGERLI (menswear & accessoires)   [shop now]

DAS CAPEMÄDCHEN (womenswear)

THONE NEGRON (womenswear)

ODEEH (womenswear [second season only])

MALAIKA RAISS (jewellery & womenswear [second season only])   [shop now]

BOESSERT/SCHORN (womenswear [second season only])

MAIAMI (womenswear [second season only])

ANNA BADUR (porcelain)   [shop now]

SCRUMMI (scented candes & soaps)

NOX (sleeping masks)

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